Sunday, 25 April 2010

Neg's urban sports

I couldn't get individual videos but fortunately someone has already made a tribute to this man. If i had balls i probably would try some of these myself.

If you can spare a few minutes the youtube balls of steel videos are definately worth a watch. Guaranteed to make anyone with a decent sense of humour laugh!

The first 2 minutes are a bit rubbish but then it gets better...

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Pencil Cases

I've had the same pencil case throughout uni however, back in the day a lot more thought used to go into my pencil case choice. It had to be 'cool' otherwise i'd be boring by have a plain/transparent one. I also changed it at least twice a year due to over doodling and graffiti.

They ranged from fake fur to a pepsi can.
There were status symbols in school, the better the case the 'cooler' you were! My mum always refused to spend more than £3 on a pencil case when the best ones were up to £5 so somtimes i had to pay the difference or accept my middle-range case.

Friday, 16 April 2010

Lunch, Dinner, Tea?

I think lunch and dinner are the same and tea is the last meal of the day. Some people tell me this is dinner? But, dinner is what i call lunch. At school it was dinnertime, the people that had hot meals were called dinners. This is my argument!
Lunch and dinner = 12/1pm
Tea =5-7pm


Tuesday, 13 April 2010

My bruise is bigger than yours!

People secretly like having injuries when they're able to exhibition their bodies.
If someone has a bruise they have to show it to someone, especially if there's a good story behind it. However, occasionally you will unknowingly step into a 'battle of the bruises'. This is when :YOU HAVE JUST ENTERED INTO AN UNANNOUNCED COMPETITION.
Someone will downgrade your bruise/cut/any other injury by showing you theirs, or describing an exaggerated injury they had from the past...(notice how it will always be a worse) You know the downgrader is most probably exaggerating but you can't prove it.

The worst thing is when you feel awful but there are no physical signs, there's nothing to show for your pain! A cold, but there is no cough. A pulled muscle. Faintness but no fainting or a headache from hell.

The pay off for injuring yourself is the physical sign, there is no bright side to non-physical injury.

Saturday, 3 April 2010

The Truman Show

Have you ever thought you were on The Truman show? But in your case The (insert your name here) show. Basically if i was then i wouldn't need to be writing about thinking it as everybody would know...

I have come face to face with people that have confronted me about them being on The (their name) show, when i've been thinking this is reverse psychology and actually their on my (my name) show.

...well anyway, i thought about this before i'd heard of the film, therefore how do i know that the film is genuine and wasn't just to put me off the scent...!? If anything it convinced me more that it was happening to me and not to Truman.

I'm not paranoid.