Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Facebook statuses

Over the last 2 years there's been a decline in facebook statuses.
Is this because:
a) My facebook friends are getting older and busier
b) Twitter has grown so more people are tweeting rather than status updating
c) Statuses have become less cool (the more you update, the more obvious it is that you don't have a life)

Whatever the reason i'm pretty happy about it. The status updating did get to a point where it was getting ridiculous.
`I'm awake', `i'm off to have some breakfast', `my cat is also awake', `must feed my cat now, lol', 'time to go back upstairs and get changed' etc. There's just no need for that much information, i don't give a shit what you're doing every second of the day - this is not a personal diary, if you want a stalker i'm sure there's easier ways.

The reason why facebook changed the question in the status box from `what are you doing right now?' to `what's on your mind?' was probably to prompt more exciting statuses and prevent mass murder.

Let's be honest, the only statuses we really like are the more offensive and entertaining.
Frapes for example, you never get bored of reading a good frape.