Wednesday, 29 February 2012

The security of sound

Sound = Security

Please show the working:

Ever had that moment when you're describing a song and get asked "what's it go like?"...

What happens next?
A sheer wash of panic.

Please give another example:

You're singing along to a song, really 'in the zone.'

The music cuts out.

In this split second of singing a capella without the safety of noise, you have a choice to make:

Do i carry on strong and finish the line in 'faked confidence?'
Freak out and stop ASAP.

Not many choose the first option, if you do good luck and all the best.
If you decide to opt normally, your voice will begin what i'm going to call: The Frailly Fade Out
It's a rare noise to leave your body.
Your voice suddenly sounds like it's aged 50 years as it disappears, leaving you with nothing left to do but face the red curtains of embarrassment.

Sound = Security

Full marks.

Friday, 3 February 2012

A Tuna Revelation

This is worthy of a news announcement:

Why the hell don't we have this?
Tuna is a staple in everyone's cupboard (excluding vegetarians, unless they're the "i eat fish" one's'.
It's a staple because it's quick.
This is even quicker! The extra ingredients are already there.

Absolute genius.
This is the most ground breaking discovery since the wheel.

John, we need this in Britain asap.