Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Dodging charity

Whenever you see a person up ahead holding a clipboard and wearing a red jacket or blue t-shirt, you can't help but think 'how can i dodge this person'.
You immediately know it's a charity and they're going to ask for money. It wouldn't be so bad if it was just cash they wanted, but you know that it isn't. They want to take your bank account details and rope you into life long commitment.

Once i was stopped by a guy, so i said upfront 'if your going to ask for my bank details, you're wasting your time'. He said no, no and began reeling of the facts and figures. After 2 minutes of uncomfortable eye contact and nodding he asked for it! I'd be much more willing to give them money if it was just cash, but this whole bank details thing is crazy.

The best technique i've found is to follow someone else's path in front of you, they'll get stopped and you can just slip past without getting caught. Or even better, wear headphones.

Friday, 21 January 2011

Razor blades

Razors are beginning to get bit ridiculous as they keep adding extra blades on.
Why don't they just make a couple efficient blades instead?
At this rate it will end up with a razor that's the entire width of you face.

Gillette have been the first razor brand to identify this quite obvious problem and produced this spoof ad with an 80 blade razor:

I bet Wilkinson Sword are kicking themselves... 'Damn why didn't we see this. It's not quantity, it's quality!'

Friday, 14 January 2011

Deja vu

The french word meaning 'already seen'.
We've all experienced Deja vu, but have you ever had a double Deja vu or maybe even triple?

This is not uncommon apparently, i've had a triple Deja vu, which is the strangest feeling.
You could say 3 times stranger (lame).

It's weird enough to experience something that feels like it has been experienced before. But then to feel like you've experienced the unexperienced experience before is even weirder. And to feel an experience that was unexperienced in an experience that was unexperienced is crazy. I don't even know if that makes any sense.

Basically to repeat something that has never happened is really eerie. To then recognise a time when you repeated the never happened occasion your now repeating is a double deja vu.

This is beginning to sound like an Inception spin-off.

Friday, 7 January 2011

Book before film?

Is it best to read the book before you watch the film or vice versa?

Normally i'd say the book first as it takes a lot longer, therefore not knowing what will happen makes it more readable.
However, on this occasion it hasn't worked out that way. I read 127 hours before watching it and to be honest was really disappointed. I've seen tonnes of great reviews but i don't think it was half as good as the book.

The problem with a book is, it can hold a lot more information and detail. 10 pages of a book is like 10 seconds of a film. It also allows you to interpret the book however you want, your imagination never matches the scenery in the film.

Still, i suppose it's less total amount of time spent let down if the film is second.
If it's the book, your talking days of disappointment.

127 hours
Film 5/10

Book 10/10