Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Friday, 18 November 2011

Lost in transit

A couple weeks ago my Aussie housemates enlightened me to the phrase 'sticky beak', which means the same as the English phrase 'sneaky peak'.

It's pretty clear what's happened here:

A traveller (let's make him male) once came to England and picked up the phrase 'sneaky peak'.
When it became time to return home the journey was so long (this was before planes), he began to forget the phrase.
When he finally returned to Australia he got in to a conversation...
I imagine it went a bit like this:

"G'day mate"
"Ah mate, g'day"
"Bin' a whiale eint it mate"
"Yih, it'as. Hey did yah 'ere about the Barbie t'night"
"Nah i din't mate"
"Yih, Barbie t'night mate. Was a big off croc in me garden yesterdih mate - So i shot it and me Sheila said it'd be great on the Barbie"
"Nice one mate, how big we talkin"
"I'd 'av t'say a good 2 miters mate - it's jus over thir under me human siyze koala"
"Ahhh mate, let's 'av a...."

And this is where he stumbled searching for the phrase.

"....sticky beak"
"Sticky beak? I like it mate - niyce phrase"
"Thanks mate, those English 'av tonnes of 'em"
"Yih, 'af to start using that one mate - impress the Sheila's y'know"
"Yih mate"

Before you know it, the term 'sticky beak' has spread as fast as the news of a discounted beer across the whole of Australia!

I'm sure this happens more often than you'd think worldwide and i'd support it with more examples, but it's a Friday and my brain's pretty much shut down.

*This may not be factual or supported by any real evidence
*But it's still true

An unnecessary,
stereotypical picture

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

x LOL x


When is it appropriate to put a 'x'?
Girl to girl = friendly
Girl to boy = friendly / flirty
Boy to boy = gay?
Is it even a kiss anymore?
I use them as if they were a full stop.

Another issue.
Are you actually laughing?
Better or worse?
Still sounds just as fake...
HE HE - Men should never make this noise let alone use it in a text

One more thing.
:-) ;-) :-p
Overuse/Misuse of faces.
Have you ever done a side wink and poked your tongue out at the same time in real life?
Didn't think so.

Follow these simple rules to avoid being a texting dick...

1) x's are not to be taken literally
2) 1 laugh abbreviation is to be used per text and ONLY if you are genuinely laughing
3) Only make faces you'd actually pull
4) Text language does not belong in the real world

Any additional rules are welcome.