Monday, 29 November 2010


This might be a bit too much for the faint hearted but i can't help wonder:

When a woman says 'I can't stand the sight of blood, the slightest drop makes me faint'... it makes me wonder what do they do every month?
Across the world there would thousands of women passed out on the floor, underwear half way down their legs. It's unavoidable.

You know when you're queueing in public toilets, and that one toilet never's always locked no matter how long your there, even when you come out of your toilet and you wash your hands, maybe dry them, re-apply make-up, brush your hair. No matter how long you take it's still locked...well maybe that's why! The cubicle probably has a woman face down on the floor pantless!

Monday, 15 November 2010

Holidays are coming

Following the Christmas themed blog before....
You know that it's officially time to start thinking about Christmas when you see this advert on TV:

Like a lot of people i saw it for the first time a couple nights ago. Twitter and Facebook had comment after comment of excited people.
It's such an iconic advert that marks the beginning of the festive season for so many people. There will be a brand new advert from the 13th December with a slightly fresher approach:

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Advent calendars

First of all, i don't think you can ever be too old for an advent calendar. It makes the 24 days before christmas managable.

Secondly, how can some advent calanders have the cheek to end on the 24th! They should at least get to their target.

Thirdly, i hate it when the days aren't jumbled up, if you see an advent calendar next to yours that has been opened the whole fun of searching for the number is ruined.

Fourthly, the 25th day should have an extra special chocolate, not just a reef saying 'Merry Xmas'. It's on its own line so there's plenty of space.

And finally, it's the best moment when you realise you've missed 3 days and have to catch up.

Friday, 5 November 2010

YouTube ads

Why are YouTube putting ads EVERYWHERE.

They put an ad before you watch a youtube video and then put a crappy little banner on the screen your watching! I dont mind it once, but its everytime you play a video. It isn't the most strategic place to put an ad, it just pisses people off. There's a difference between advertising and invading.

Monday, 1 November 2010

Rape References

Rape seems to be losing it's seriousness.
The phrase is not only used on the social network site Facebook coined 'frape' but now 'twape' on twitter has been created.
Not only this, but the word rape is used in everyday situations such as when somebody is particularly close to you. You may say 'all right mate, you don't have to rape me'... I for one am guilty of overusing the word in a joking manner.

A recent news story in the US last month about a man breaking into a woman's bedroom and 'trying it on' shortly became the centre of a rape joke due to an eccentric brother of the victim named Antoine Dodson.

Two men saw this story and have made an entertaining music video starring Antoine, his exaggeration of the situation has become a world wide hit with over 36 million views and that's all within just one month.

As you can see, the seriousness of the initial story has become a bit of a joke due to the overuse of the word rape.
To be honest i feel like there should be a moral to this story to round of my post but, there isn't. All i'm saying is in the last few years rape has become a household phrase, despite the seriousness of the actual offence. I don't necessarily think it's a bad thing but obviously in no way is it a good thing either. Technology and especially social networks have desensitised us from the harsh realities of the REAL world.