Sunday, 30 May 2010


I was thinking, where did tomboy come from. It has no connection to being a female at all, surely it should be tomgirl or girlboy...? Well here is the answer:

'An english language print reference to the term tomboy can be
traced back to 1553 when it was used to describe a "rude,
boisterous boy." Another reference, in 1579, as a "bold or
immodest woman" and in 1592: "a girl who acts like a spirited
boy." This development of the word is largely a corruption,
through misinterpretation and mistaken use over centuries
and is derived from the Anglo Saxon "tumbere" meaning
dancer or romper, from the same roots as the French
"tomber," to tumble about. Hundreds of years later the
early meaning of a promiscuous boisterous girl or woman
resurfaced in the shortened slang term Tom, meaning
prostitute, when in the 1930's London Police used the term
to describe a prostitute working the Mayfair and Bayswater

Much like the 'don't say what it's rude' phenomenon (earlier blog), it is again a misinterpretation.
At least now when i use the term i know its wrong.

Friday, 21 May 2010


I admit, i am not one for knowing lyrics. I think there's a lot of people out there that know what a line sounds like and sing that knowing full well it makes no sense. In a noisey club it's not too bad, nobody can really tell your 'faking' but in a car or acapella your screwed.

Some of my mistakes:

Britney Spears 'On my radar' = 'Operator'
Fresh Prince of Belair '...shooting some b'ball' = '...shooting some people'
The Kooks - Naive 'I know that she knows that I'm not fond of asking' = 'I know, she knows, that im back from the Roskin'
I don't even know what a Roskin is...?

Here's song that to me is impossible to put into lyrical lines - i think aorund 99.31% will agree. However still cool to listen to...

Wednesday, 12 May 2010


So you've not heard something, the automatic reaction is what?
They repeat it to you but you still cant make out what they've said.
Again you say what? And again you can't make sense of it. By now you know this is it, this is my last chance. So you listen as hard as possibly possible, hoping that by listening and lip reading it will all become clear, but.... no.
Now you have choice, agree with a nod, small laugh/smile or make some sort of noise followed by a quick exit.

If we didn't follow the What x3 rule, we'd all be in what conversations forever!

On another related What issue, i once said WHAT and got told it was rude, so now i tend to say sorry or pardon.
But is it really rude? It's in the same family as Why, How and When? They're not considered rude. So my theory is that once upon a time an old man said something to someone and they said what? He repeated himself and they once again asked what? This went on for a few hours until he got really annoyed and said 'that's really rude!'. This person couldn't understand why he'd suddenly shouted at him, so blamed it on the word What. And from then on, if other people said what to him, he'd say 'that's rude!'.
Thus, the story of What being rude continues today.

The End.

Monday, 10 May 2010

Balloon Baby

I couldn't get the video on here but heres the link:


Friday, 7 May 2010

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

I'm singing in my head

Just a quick post, but isn't it weird how you could have a song in your head that you've been singing outloud... and then you go quiet for 5 minute (approx.).... and then you and who ever you're with start singing outloud at the same moment and at the same point!

Answer: Yes

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Training tastebuds

So every year i try to train my tastebuds to like some food/drink that i don't like. Last year i conquered lamb(ish), the year before coffee and this year is supposed to be fish.

Now, i like tuna and can recall eating fish fingers and other cod delights when i was younger but for some reason stopped and now its escalated into some sort of phobia style food attack. A couple weeks ago i tried some salmon but only managed 2/3's before i freaked out and couldn't overcome my brain sensing danger. I've been informed fish from a fish and chip shop is a good starting point so fingers crossed...
I'll keep my fish quest updated.
I still have a good 7 months to get this sorted.