Friday, 27 August 2010

Cats vs Dogs

1)Are you a cat person or dog person?

A cat person - Enjoys the quieter and lower maintanance pet. Seeks prettier, more aesthetically pleasing animals. Forms a bigger emotional bond with their pet, rather than physical.

A dog person - Wants a much more active pet, that will entertain themselves and an audience. Requires unconditional love and a strong physical bond between the person and pet.

2)Would you prefer to be a cat or a dog?

A cat - self sufficient, more ignorant, clean, sleeps at least 18 hours a day.

A dog - reliant, dirty, affectionate, smells, awake 11-14 hours a day.

My answers
Question 1) Cat person
Question 2) Cat

The Stereotype Info

'Cat people (like cats) are a little more mysterious, self-centered and independent, sometimes bordering on aloof; they are capable of entertaining themselves for hours on end, more tricky, more circuitous, more manipulative.' (John Woestendiek)

'Dog people (like dogs) are more prone to dominance and co-dependence, crave constant attention and are more open, outgoing, social and likely to drool.' (John Woestendiek)

"Many people perceive themselves as being either 'cat people' or 'dog people.' These people often think they relate to their pets because they share similar personalities."
This isn't necessarily true. Stereotypes are stereotypes.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Seasons - 'the change'

At certain points during the year we all have to make 'the change'. 'The change' happens when we think there has been a decrease or rise in temperature, meaning it's time to dress appropriately.

I like to refer to it as upgrading or downgrading. For example, if we've just endured the Winter, there comes a point when you must accept it's finished and the new season is approaching. You need to downgrade your coat.
The tricky thing is to pick the correct week. People fall under five categories during this period of time.

There are: The Risk Takers (these are the people that downgrade/upgrade far to early which usually results in them being caught out by the weather and being reffered to as 'a dick')
The Forcers (people that downgrade/upgrade a week or two after 'The Risk Takers', once they have waited for the weather to steady a bit more. They force themselves to make the change and never look back, can be quite intimidating towards 'The Sheep' and try to influence their change)
The Sheep (these people have watched 'The Forcers' make the change and wait just a few more days to be sure, this is the most popular category - i myself, fall into this one)
The Sceptics (very stubborn and pessimistic people, refuse to be one of 'The Sheep' so wait even longer before they make the change, usually resulting in some discomfort as the temperature rises/falls)
The Oblivious (the rarest category, these are the people that never seem to change and are always wearing the same seasons coat/raincoat/jacket/none, they are usually commented on by passers by - 'they must be freezing' or 'i bet they're boiling in that')

The official season has begun when The Sheep have made 'the change' as these are the majority of the population. The Forcers will try enforce the official season by saying things like 'It's Summer!' or 'Looks like Winters here', do no be fooled.

Sunday, 22 August 2010


2 great insights, 1 brilliant ad.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Scone or Scon?

Scone... How do you pronounce it? Well there is only one way it should be said.

If i say scone or scon? it becomes very clear which way it should be pronounced. If you pronounce it as scone, you are correct. If you say scon im afraid the proof is in the spelling.

Charlotte, if we ever do end up opening our bakery, we will not be serving any scons.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Expiry Dates

Apparently i am too obsessed with expiry dates. My Mum seems to think that an expiry date means nothing, if the food still holds its shape it's okay. I disagree.

I've done a bit of research into this subject a.k.a typing it in to Wikipedia and found out the following:

Expiry dates may also be known use by, display until and sell buy. All meaning the products cannot be sold after this date because they are no longer at best quality and have expired shelf life.

Now then, im not obsessed so much that i wont eat something after the expiration date, if it's a couple days i can cope, but months/ I won't eat expired food for obvious reasons, taste and health. The argument last night however, was over medicinal expiration. I simply informed my mother the anticeptic cream was about 1 year over it's expiry date so probably wouldn't be as effective. I knew this because i'd had previous experience using expired paracetamol and anticeptic cream which hadn't worked. Once i used in date products it worked. This was my defence and proof that expiry dates are there for reason. She responded with 'it'll be fine, your too obsessed with the dates of things. They only put these dates on to make people like you use them faster an go buy more'.

Now even though this is a good business strategy, i think it's far from the truth. Whilst i agree that an expiry date doesn't necessarily mean the product is unusable, i also think expiration dates are legally there for a reason. If they did not exist people would probably get pretty ill. Expiry dates aren't just decorative digits, they save lives... This post is dedicated to my Mum.

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

McDonald's Collection Point

I went to McDonald's yesterday and encountered a very unusual experience. I ordered my food as normal but at the point of handing over change they said, 'your number is 173, if you'd like to make your way over to the collection point please'. What.....? I thought i was in argos.

It was so surreal to be standing in McDonald's with monitor above me flashing numbers. About 1 minute later 173 flashed on the screen so i walked back up to the counter 'the collection point' and collected my food.

I'm not sure if this is a new thing, or if this store was testing the idea, but watch this space and be prepared.

Monday, 9 August 2010


I keep seeing this annoying TV advert so it's time for a blog post on it. Neutrogena is a well established brand so i dont know why they cant afford to get their adverts dubbed correctly. Watch and you'll see what i mean:

She doesn't even pronounce all of the words... 'Now i can ....(?) goodbye the blackheads'

To me it just feels like it's laziness. There must be an excuse why some adverts do this, but i am yet to find out. For the time being i will remain annoyed and frustrated at these particular adverts. (There's a bit of a toiletry theme) Here's a few more:


My personal favourite Mr Muscle

Mr muscle advert
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Thursday, 5 August 2010

Car Faces

A lot of people describe cars to have faces. This is how i come to an aesthetical decision about the style of a car and whether i like it or not. My Dad however thinks im slightly mad for doing this?? I dont know if it's a male thing, or just people with less imagination that find visualizing more difficult...

Basically this post is to defend myself. I am proving that im not mad, cars can be related to having faces. I have collected some evidence to support this theory:

This is an article explaning that cars are made to represent similar characteristics to human faces, which also leads us to give them personalities, such as friendly, aggressive, sad etc.

'It probably won’t come as a surprise that most people viewed cars as having faces. Nor that there was often agreement on the corresponding “personalities,” as with the “submissive and friendly” Nissan Micra pictured above. What was surprising to me, though, was that most people, including both men and women, seemed to agree on their preference. From the study:

…the better our subjects liked a car, the closer it matched the shape characteristics corresponding to high values of “power.” Thus, people seem to like mature, dominant, masculine, arrogant, angry-looking cars.'

Herbie ofcorse... need i say more

And a whole film based on cars with faces and personalities 'Cars' 2006, Disney Pixar Films

This sums it up perfectly i think: