Friday, 30 July 2010

Chicken or Egg?

I am going to settle this argument once and for all.


It's like saying what came first the foetus or the human? A person did not just suddenly appear in his/her mid 30's on the earth. It wasn't a click of the fingers and a person appeared. Things have to grow somwhere, eggs and sperm, all that jazz. So the egg was obviously first, then it grew into a chicken.

'Oh, well where did the egg come from?' you may ask: probably a similar animal to the chicken. It just evolved into the chicken. What came first the ape or the human? The human evolved over time, just like the chicken would of. Come to think of it, the whole question 'what came first, the chicken or the egg?' is wrong. It's not taking the theory of evolution into account at all. Which has lead me to believe the saying was around before Charles Darwin.

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Rare Coins

So, i've been doing a bit of a 'spring clean' during the summer. Amoung the many things i've held onto are some coins. I remember when i was around 11 my next door neighbours took my brother and myself to the Millenium Dome. When we were there we bought an ice cream and this man handed some change to me. He said hold on to that one (indicating to the 50p) because it will be worth around £10. So i did.

This 50p has dolphins on the back, which is why im guessing it's supposedly rare.

I've done some rare coin hunting and the highest it will get me so far is £2.95. But i did find one bid that has now dissapeared that was a whopping £6.99! I'm thinking if i hold on to it long enough, one day it might pay for my tuition fees.
I had some other 50p's i thought had the same 'rare factor' but thanks to wikipedia it turns out they're not

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Wrong Number

Even though neither person can see eachother in wrong number phone calls, it's still embarassing and awkward. You have to be overly polite and friendly 'No, i'm sorry but i think you may have the wrong number'. Really we mean 'Who the hell is that!?' or even just hang up.
I remember once having a wrong number call and after i'd done the 'No i'm sorry' line, they said 'Are you sure?'. Hmmmm... 'Yes, there's no John here'. And then they were so persistent i was asked to physically go check my own living room just to be sure John wasn't there. The worst bit is, i did!
It becomes quite hostile if they call a second time: now they're wasting my time and ignoring my previous, helpful information.'Same number, sorry', 'Oh is it? sorry about that.' Mmmm Well..yes, ofcorse it's the same bloody number DICK, you've just dialled exactly the same number and hoped somehow it would magically travel through the phone cabling to another destination.
My current home phone number recieves quite a few wrong number calls (just incase you didn't guess). They seem suprised when i say 'No, this isn't NatWest i'm afraid'. We must have one digit difference... not the worst place to have a similar phone number to however. Especially in these desperate times.

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Belly Buttons

Innie or Outie? Outies mean your an alien...? Remember that theory? (i believe it was in an episode of Rugrats).

The belly button is a mysterious thing. Whilst it is a scar left behind from the umbilical cord, it's also a fashion icon, object of sexual fetishism and taboo area of the body.
Belly buttons have more uses than you'd think. They are not just a one trick ponies, they can be used as a way to distinguish between twins or they can be pierced or even this...

Thursday, 15 July 2010


There is an art to the eating of grapes. A recent conversation had me outcasted because i admitted to occasionally eating my grapes slightly different to what you'd expect. I was unaware that some people had never done this before.

When eating a grape (not everytime because thats too time consuming) thou should delicately remove the peel with thy teeth. This is the bitter part of the grape, once removed the sweetness of the grape can be fully enjoyed.

If you choose to then bite around the grape you will discover the centre section of the grape is much sweeter than the fleshy outer layer. This is where the grapes flavour and sweetness is hidden. Although, the pips are in this section which again taste bitter so try to ignore this...

If you've never done this then your missing out. I therefore have a superior knowledge of the grapes inner characteristics and should be respected and listened to. Not mocked. Check out the picture below, there is clearly a lot than can be learnt from the inner grape.

I'm not alone, there are many people that share this habit (knowledge). I know at least... 4.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Be Kind Rewind

I watched the film yesterday and thought it was genius. Not only the concept of 'Sweded' videos but the 'special effects'. I was trying to find clips of the creativity but came across a load of films made by 'real' people that have been 'Sweded' for a Be Kind Rewind Competition.

Here's a couple: Jurrasic Park

and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Tea Making

How do you make the perfect cup of tea?
Teabag in whilst adding the milk? or teabag out then add the milk? I've even seen teabag in, then milk added before hot water!

Personally I take the teabag out before adding milk, it seems to clog up the whole tea making process otherwise. A recent debate left me in the minority group, more people added the milk before taking the teabag out.

Well i have done my research and can conclude that teabag out before milk is the correct and best tea making way as it allows the tea to brew properly thus increasing the flavour. If you add the milk whilst the teabag is still in the fat molecules in the milk clog up the teabag and prevent any further brewing.

Thankyou and goodnight.

Thursday, 1 July 2010


I don't understand why people buy houses in flood areas.
When there's heavy rain they still manage to act suprised when their ground floor becomes a pond and their belongings are floating away down the street. Surely you'd expect this if your living in the middle of a dried up lake?

Every year you see people on the news complaining about damage to their houses and what a terrible disaster this year has been. Well, why build a house ontop of a flood plain? Or better yet, why then buy one and live in it?
When people become stranded on there rooftops, i can't help but think - it's your own fault.

Lucky for them i have come up with a genuis plan to prevent such issues: The dinghy in the attic plan.
Every (floodrisk)home will have a dinghy in there attic. When such flood arises, a roof hatch/axe will allow the person to escape out onto the roof and set sail in there dinghy to safety.